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People and Activities in the Haitian Diaspora and in Haiti

Posted By Marcel Wah     June 15, 2015    

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It has been more than a week since our last newsletter and it’s time to catch up. I celebrated my birthday mid-May and I’ve been thinking of you. I even prepared a special video message for you while in Sighisoara, Romania. (By the way, if you’re looking for great value for your next travel destination, Romania is a great choice in Europe.)

While preparing this newsletter, I decided to write a bit longer messages from now on so I can share my thoughts about Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora with you. You will be able to find and read all of my messages in the Members’ Blogs section on the Any member can write about and share his or her successes and stories using his or her own Blog on the site.

This past week, I found myself being very irritated, frustrated, and even angry at the recent news about the American Red Cross, Bill and Hillary Clinton and others (FIFA’s Jack Warner) with respect to the earthquake money for Haiti. These news raised many questions: Why would the Red Cross use all those hundreds of millions, or half a billion dollars, to help Haitians? Do you really believe that Bill and Hillary are the best people to know what Haiti needs and what is good for her? You get my point. So, who knows better? And who is better suited to do what is necessary for our country? You know the answers to those questions and I’m proud of you.

Therefore, let me share some great news about what some Haitians are doing and have been doing:

1. Get to know Jean Wiener (read the article we wrote about him here) and his FoProBiM. Jean is someone Haitians should get behind and support his efforts. This man has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to protect our environment, and there are lots to do still.

We at the are thinking of some ways to help this effort. We’d like to hear from you if you’re interested in joining this movement to help Haiti’s environment. Join this Group to connect.

2. Get to know Dr. Jacques Bingue (read his article here). Dr. Bingue is leading efforts in Energy and Advocacy. He and his team, which you’ll get to learn about soon, have launched a campaign to get the U.S. to spend taxpayers money towards Haiti in a more effective and efficient way—through the Haitian Diaspora. You can read the recent letter they sent to USAID here. More to come from this group. Stay connected with Energy developments by joining this Group.

3. There is another Group working together to bring more investments to Haiti. Since they are at the infancy stage, I do not have more information to share yet. I will do so as soon as more information becomes available. They are, however, using the and its productivity tools to communicate, share documents, and be more effective.

4. Get to know Dr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, Founder and President of the Board of Queensland University (UQ). Dr. Dorsainvil is battling to provide better education to students at Queensland University, however, he needs our (the Haitian Diaspora’s) help.

Education is one of those areas we’ve been talking about for some time that needs an overhaul. We have ample educators from the Diaspora, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on how we can help. Join this Group and share your thoughts.

5. HDF (Haitian Diaspora Federation) have selected to use the platform to run their Board Elections. More information to come.

The provides businesses and non-profits with productivity, e-commerce, and marketing tools so you can do more for less. Plus, you’ll have a technology partner that will help you with achieving your goals. Join now and start achieving more.

Wow, a lot has been happening in the Haitian Diaspora and in Haiti. I am excited to learn about these activities, both new and old. As you can see, however, they all need Your Involvement to be better and greater. Are you going to let another Red Cross incident happen? Are you going to let others determine our country’s destiny? Then, it’s time to come on board and get involved with what you’re most passionate about: Is it Energy? Is it Agriculture? Is it Advocacy? The sky’s the limit and the is the way.