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Social Contract between the 11th Department and Fellow Citizens in Haiti

Posted By Marcel Wah     January 12, 2017    

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I've been thinking about how the Diaspora can leverage its resources and work better with the people of Haiti, and vice versa. I came across an article some time ago (unfortunately, I don't recall where I found the article) about having a "social contract" and thought we could develop something of the sort between the Haitian Diaspora and the Haitian People. Therefore, please let me know what you think of the following list of "social contract" items. Feel free to add your own so we can have a final list that we'll publish and try to live by through our actions.

The Social Contract Between the 11th Department and the People of Haiti states that:

1. We’re committed to providing technology to institutions, organizations, and individuals for connecting easier and better, for greater visibility, access to a global market, and create more transparency between government, public and private sector.

2. We’re committed to sharing our knowledge to help further education, agriculture, health, energy, prioritize projects, and other sectors in need, and providing them with the tools they need to be more efficient and productive.

3. We’re committed to investing in entrepreneurship and business development, develop stronger partnerships with business owners in Haiti.

4. We’re committed to supporting our artists, athletes, chefs, and cultural leaders.

5. We’re committed to helping develop our country’s economy by traveling at least once a year to Haiti for the purposes of vacationing, attending events, investing, organizing events, and buying Haitian-made products.

6. We’re committed to becoming more competitive and innovative in sports, art, business, academia (math competitions, science fairs, technology, spelling bees, debate, speech, and others), health, agriculture, and other areas.

7. We’re committed to supporting our Youth and provide a better future for them.

8. We’re committed to creating an environment of transparency through the use of technology, information sharing, and partnerships.

9. We’re committed to creating strong and prosperous communities in the Diaspora and throughout Haiti.

10. We’re committed to helping protect our environment through recycling, finding alternative solutions to charcoal, and waste management.


1 comment
  • Eddy Lahens
    Eddy Lahens  · January 12, 2017
    Super, Duper, Great IDEA!!! Where do I sign?